Orders for Pickup

You are welcome to pick up any order at my location. A few caveats:

  1. I need to know the day and time (roughly) when you’ll pickup so that your order is ready and that I’m here in the kitchen when you arrive.
  2. Pickup time is flexible but since I’m in and out on deliveries it’s best to text me (720-722-1137) before heading over to make sure I’m here. I’m usually not far away but I don’t like to make people wait.
  3. I bake out of my home! so you’re not looking for a retail storefront.

My Location – 805 29th St. Boulder, CO 80303

Yeah, that’s a link to Google Maps. Use it. Love it.

I live and work in a condo called Spanish Towers. It looks like this:

It’s not hard to find. When you arrive pull right up in front of this awning (on 29th Street) and call or text me. Do not get out of your car. Do not find parking. Do not pass Go. I will come down to you. I will bring my credit card reader and change. It’s almost like Drive-thru!