How to Order

Yes, I know, no online shopping cart. There are three ways to contact Susan’s Bakery to order:

  1. Email: orders@SusansBakeryBoulder.com
  2. Call: 720-722-1137
  3. Text: 720-722-1137

Email is best because I can’t always get to the phone all the time. Make sure to include your name and a phone number where you can be reached and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I consider voicemail to be the spawn of satan. I do not check it, please don’t leave one.

Orders for Delivery

Regardless of how we communicate, here’s the information I’ll need for orders that will be delivered:

  1. What yummy treats you’d like me to bake for your special person/people.
  2. Any extras you’d like me to include, like balloons, candles, cake knife, etc.
  3. Full name of the person/people I’ll be delivering to.
  4. Phone number where they can be reached.
  5. Delivery address:
    • CU Campus: I just need the name of the dorm or building and room number.
    • City of Boulder Home Address: Full address including unit number (if any) and any special instructions, security code, or hints on how to find (there are a lot of screwy addresses in Boulder).
    • City of Boulder Business: Please include the business name and phone number.
  6. Preferred delivery time or if you’d just like me to call them to arrange it.
  7. Message for a card I can include on the box.