Susan’s Bakery delivers for free anywhere in the city of Boulder including the CU Campus. (Tips appreciated!)

Delivery is available outside of Boulder but I charge the following:

  • Broomfield – $25 to $35
  • Gunbarrel – $5
  • Lafayette – $10 to $20
  • Longmont – $20 to $25
  • Louisville – $5 to $10
  • Niwot – $15 – $20
  • Superior – $5 to $10
  • Don’t see your city? I don’t deliver that far unless you need lots and lots of baked goods ($200+) and I’ll be happy to talk delivery.

Delivering to the CU Campus Dorms

The dorms on the CU campus are more secure than Fort Knox. Your student needs to be there in person to receive their delivery. Each dorm has a manned front desk/lobby and that is as far as they let you go. To their credit, the staff is well trained and I’ve never been able to break them and gotten farther than their desk or leave a delivery for someone there.

This makes delivery to the dorms a little tricky. To make it less so I must have a phone number for your student where they can be reached (thank goodness everyone’s got a cell phone) and I need a delivery time when they are there.

Do you know where your student is while you are likely more than a few miles from Boulder? I thought not. So here’s the routine:

  1. I call your student.
  2. They don’t answer.
  3. I don’t leave a voicemail.
  4. I text your student the following:
    Hi, I have a delivery for [their name here] from Susan’s Bakery. What’s a good time to deliver to you today?
  5. They text back and we go back and forth to arrange a delivery time at their dorm. I explain they need to be there in person and meet me in the lobby. No one refuses. Everyone wants cake.

Somewhere out there I can hear a mom (typically) grumbling about how they’d like this to be a surprise. I sympathize, but only so much. Surprises are a) hard to pull off b) involve a intermediary like a parent or roommate c) are usually more trouble than their worth.

Yes, they will know they have something coming from “Susan’s Bakery.” I will not tell them what unless they ask and and then double check to make sure they really want to know. Most kids don’t ask. Most kids are happy to get fresh baked goods to their door. Most kids enjoy the anticipation.