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About Susan
Well, here it is, the about Susan page and here I am, Susan, writing about, well–me. Exciting, no? I’ve lived in Boulder so long that when I tell people the number of years they say, “well, you’re a native, then.” I am an Illinois expat who came here seeking education, beautiful scenery and better weather. I have not been disappointed.

I am, of course, an avid baker, and am obsessed with perfecting recipes so that everyone can find something to love. One of my greatest pleasures is to see people enjoying my food. I take pride in using real butter, heavy whipping cream, unbleached flour, and fresh, natural ingredients purchased as locally as possible (Twisted Pine Beer in Boulder, flour from the Cortez Milling Company, carrots from Longmont, etc. etc.). No it’s not low-fat (mostly) but I am a believer in all-things-in-moderation.

I am taking advantage of the recently passed “Colorado Cottage Foods Act” (PDF) to start my dream business from my home which is located in central Boulder right near the CU-campus for easy delivery or pick-up. (Last minute goodie package for your student? Oh yes!).

Boulder has also made me a biker and while I don’t claim to make every trip by bike, I do so at every opportunity (Go Community Cycles!). I might even bike my delivery to your door.

Everyone (my friends) keeps telling me I should post a photo of myself. Sigh. I’m not super keen on posting photos of myself on the internet. I was once even accused of not being a “team player” at a job that wanted a current pic of me posted to their intranet. As a joke, I’ve made this my “official” internet photo. It is me:

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